Intuitive PeterI’m Peter, and I’m a professional intuitive.

After a rather technical career (architecture) I have found that it’s much better for me to use my intuitive abilities to help people to find their true purpose in life.

I was always interested in personal development. As far as I can remember, I always wanted to improve myself and learn new things.

I’m the guy who always seems to have a high vibration. I’m often light-hearted, but at the same time also grounded and serious about the work that I do. I think you can do meaningful work without being uptight. 🙂

I’m from Austria, a small landlocked country in the heart of Europe (but I do work with clients all over the world). There are lots of mountains where I live, it’s quite beautiful. You can have a look here, that’s my hometown: Innsbruck.

Some facts about me

  • I love cats. They’re almost a sort of religion for me and my whole family.
  • I’m really tall.
  • I can’t seem to gain much weight. I try to, but I don’t succeed! (Which a lot of people find rather odd, because it’s the exact opposite for them!)
  • I’m almost always in a good mood.
  • I can do lots of different accents, at least in German. In English I can do a good Schwarzenegger impersonation!
  • I grew up in a rather small village.

    Loferer Steinberge

    This is a picture of the region where I grew up.

What I believe in

I consider myself spiritual, but not religious. I think the most important thing is your personal connection to God/The Universe/The Cosmic Energy – however you want to call it.

I believe this energy is not something that is distant, but I think it is also a part of ourselves – it is within us.

Life is an exciting adventure, and I’m looking forward to all the new possibilities that will come.  The intuitive realm – that’s a journey worthy of exploration. 🙂

Coletta and Peter

That’s me with one of my teachers, the late Dr. Coletta Long.