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Dream World


Dream WorldSometimes I’m in a dream world where I can really think.

Where I can think what I want. Where there are no rules, no one is there that says what I can or can’t do.

Sometimes I’m in a dream world where there are possibilities.

Endless possibilities that lead to fulfilment of your life.

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The Freedom to Change

Freedom to changeDo you give yourself the freedom to change?

I don’t know how long I’m going to be writing articles for this blog (hopefully very long!), but the possibility is rather high that I will change some of my opinions.

And that’s OK.

Because we all grow. And I’m growing, too. So don’t be surprised about such a thing. In fact, expect it. 🙂

The freedom to change

It’s about the freedom to change.

Do you still adhere to old beliefs that you once thought were appropriate, but hinder you now?

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