Comment Policy

I love comments and encourage people to get into a conversation with me.

Comments (and also trackbacks) are always moderated, that means I have to read and approve all comments so that they can show up in an article.

My goal is to have a positive community.

Because this is my personal site, I reserve the right to edit, shorten, or delete comments.

I also reserve the right to approve or not to approve comments without notification.

Possible reasons why I might not approve a comment could be one or more of the following:

  • It’s an obvious spam comment.
  • It has nothing to do with the topic of the article.
  • It’s just a single comment like “great post” as an attempt to post a back link.
  • You leave a comment with a name and your web site, I go to your blog and don’t see you on “your” about page. Oops!
  • I have a bad day. Yes that also can happen! But maybe I will approve your comment tomorrow. 🙂