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Use Baby Steps to Achieve Goals With (Almost) No Effort

Why baby steps are not just for babies. 😉 Do you know the movie “What about Bob?” with Richard Dreyfuss and Bill Murray? Mr Murray plays Bob, a multiphobic psychiatric patient who tracks his psychiatrist Dr. Marvin (played by Dreyfuss) down during a family vacation. It’s a very funny movie, if you can get hold […]

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How to Start Something New: Use the Newbie Mode!

So, I’m just starting out (blog post #2, yay!), and as I’m a perfectionist (sigh) I often have to fight the tendency to make everything super-duper in order to do it “right” by my standards. That’s a good way to procrastinate endlessly. It really works, trust me on that. 🙂 I already addressed this a […]

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Good Enough is Really Good Enough

This is my first blog post. And I have to admit something: I have a big fear – the fear of starting this website and this blog. What do I have to say to the world? Who am I to tell my stories and write about my thoughts? Me? Really? English isn’t even my first […]

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