How I Learned To Meditate – 8 Minute Meditation

MeditationMeditation is easy, and you can learn a simple form of meditation with this article.

Do you want to have the benefits of meditation?

Then read on.

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Dream World


Dream WorldSometimes I’m in a dream world where I can really think.

Where I can think what I want. Where there are no rules, no one is there that says what I can or can’t do.

Sometimes I’m in a dream world where there are possibilities.

Endless possibilities that lead to fulfilment of your life.

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The Freedom to Change

Freedom to changeDo you give yourself the freedom to change?

I don’t know how long I’m going to be writing articles for this blog (hopefully very long!), but the possibility is rather high that I will change some of my opinions.

And that’s OK.

Because we all grow. And I’m growing, too. So don’t be surprised about such a thing. In fact, expect it. 🙂

The freedom to change

It’s about the freedom to change.

Do you still adhere to old beliefs that you once thought were appropriate, but hinder you now?

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7 Tips for Being Unhappy

Unhappy?Do you want to know how to be really unhappy?

So, you find that you’re too happy and you finally want to do something about it? Peter comes to the rescue! Here are my 7 tips to be unhappy.

I know, it may sound like really hard work, but you can do it! Or maybe you’re already a master at those things.

Come and find out if that’s the case!

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Do You Live in Heaven?


Do you forget that you already live in heaven? Because you may live in heaven, but you forgot that you do.

You don’t use the possibilities you have! The potential that is there.

Looks Like Heaven?!

I’ve got a message from someone living in India who saw a picture of my hometown, and he remarked that it looks like I live in heaven.

I thought: wow! That’s not what it feels to me.

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Why We Are All Connected

ConnectedYou and me and everything else – we are all connected.

In the beginning of the universe, everything was one.

Can you feel that everything around yourself is connected?

That you are connected?

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