Dream World


Dream WorldSometimes I’m in a dream world where I can really think.

Where I can think what I want. Where there are no rules, no one is there that says what I can or can’t do.

Sometimes I’m in a dream world where there are possibilities.

Endless possibilities that lead to fulfilment of your life.

Where there is a vast space that means freedom. The freedom to think new thoughts, good old ones, different ones.

Because I know that I can.

Sometimes I’m in a dream world where I feel a burning desire.

A burning desire to express my Divinity.

Deep within me there’s a fire that burns.

I believe everybody has this fire.

It is within us. It is the cry of our soul to do something meaningful, to change the world in small and even big ways.


And then I remind myself that this is not a dream world. It is possible. It is my real world.

But it is a dream world for the majority of people.

And I wanna say “come and see! It is there! Tap into it!”

And I wanna say “you can do it!

Then some people see it. And some aren’t ready yet. But that’s OK.


Sometimes I cry, and often I laugh. And I am happy.

Because life is good.

Life is so good. 🙂


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