My Main Topics: Personal Development and Intuition

Personal Development - IntuitionIn my first blog posts I didn’t even mention what this site is about. Instead, it was maybe much more important to tackle some strategies that deal with procrastination.

Finding my Voice

I have ideas about what I can write, but I’m still finding my voice how to express them.

But that doesn’t matter much right now, because the only way to find out is to try and see how it goes, right?

And I’m still uncomfortable (or maybe even scared!) about sharing stuff with an audience out there. But somehow I’m driven and determined to do it anyway, because I believe I have some things to say that are worth your time.

Because I’m a scanner (a scanner is someone who has a variety of interests and pursues them all), I have a lot of topics I can talk about. They vary from time to time, but the things I always find interesting are personal development, intuition, spirituality, and health.

As long as I can remember, I found personal development fascinating. There was always more to learn. Never did I think “oh, that’s it, I’m satisfied. Now I know it all!”

It’s Good, As Long as it Works

And it always wasn’t really important how something worked, as long as it did work. That still is my mantra today. You can find out about how something works, but it’s not the really important thing. Do you know exactly how electricity works? Probably not, really. But you’re still using it every day, right?

Sometimes you don’t even have time to find out how a thing or method works, at least not the first time you’re using it.

This mantra was also the reason why I began to become interested in woo-woo things like intuition and how to use it in my daily life.

Live a Fulfilling and Happy Life

Basically I want to write about how to live a fulfilling and happy life. Not that I am a real expert in it, yet, but I think I know some things that could already help other people. And I want to learn and know more, and maybe my quest for this goal is also interesting to you.

A Positive Message

I want to write in a light, playful and relaxed way. The reason why is because

a) I am like that and it would be really difficult for me to do it in another way. Always be who you really are, right? And

b) I think I can talk about topics like health and spirituality in a professional, but nonetheless relaxed and playful way.

And I want to share a secret: I’m going to write all these articles for myself. Yes, it seems I’m really selfish! 🙂

Because I know some things, but I often have to remember to also do them! Maybe my site will remind me from time to time to also do the action part. And at the same time it hopefully will be of value to other people, because that’s the real purpose for this site: to help people find more happiness and find out who they really are.

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  • Manifest Money says:

    What a great sentiment, I’m also building my site around personal development through Meditation Techniques and The Universal Law Of Attraction. It’s nice to see someone else with the same message as myself.

    • Peter Huetz says:

      Yes, for me personal development and intuition are really two sides of the same coin.

  • Julie says:

    Awesome! I recently started my own blog, too, and am planning to address topics around intuition. I’ll look forward to what you have to say 🙂

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